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How Does it work?

Prop is an entertainment-only betting game that allows you to create almost any bet you can imagine and share it with the world. People can either accept or decline your bet.

  • Create bets

    We try and let you come up with whatever crazy bets you can think of. If you think Kris Humphries will have a 40 points, we want you to make that bet.

  • Set your own odds

    You set your own risk-reward. Adjust your odds in order to find someone willing to take the bet.

  • Track Your Bets

    Keep track of the predictions against a spread or over-under line.

  • Find bets

    Stream "Twitter-style" through a neverending stream of prop bets created by the community. Challenge the community by taking bets to earn your way up the leaderboard.

  • Socialize

    Chat and argue with people who challenge your bets. John Wall over/under 21 assists against the Bucks? I'll argue that all day.

  • Timely Updates

    All of our data is provided by My Sports Feeds and is updated every 10 minutes. You don't need to determine the winner. We'll do that for you.